Never before have I been moved to do this.  In the past, when a comment was too long for this space, I simply shortened it.  But this time, the letter is so profoundly important - such a genuine affirmation of the work that 'Iokepa and I try to do, and the work that is at hand across the planet - that I am turning my Post over to this letter-writer. Sonia Trepetin attended our Return Voyage event in Reisterstown, Maryland a few nights ago.  She wrote this afterwards.  I am willing to risk  appearing dangerously self-serving - because she is exceedingly generous to 'Iokepa and to me - in order to shine this Ever Changing Post light on her larger message, so eloquently told.


Dear Inette and ‘Iokepa,

You were both pretty entrenched in various conversations once we wrapped up the “presentation” part of the evening last night; however, I did want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you both for your presence as well as for rolling up your sleeves and getting into the thick of the very integral work that needs to be done in these changing times.

Indeed, we are in very exciting times of transformation here on Earth - what I would consider to be the reverse of our “progressive thinking,” and a long overdue return to what we used to know, what we used to do, how we used to live upon our living, breathing planet.  So, I find your book, The Return Voyage, most appropriately named.  And without  having read a single page yet, it boldly shouts to me (and hopefully to countless others) of humanity’s return to our ancient, intimate knowledge and ways of being here on our beautiful, gracious, nurturing Mother Earth.

I am deeply grateful for the courageous spirits out there, such as yourselves, who are doing the work of bringing our old, time-proven wisdom and “technologies” (rituals, ceremony, traditions and cultural awareness) back into current day lexicon.  The conversations that have needed to take place are happening (in my awareness) more and more frequently all over the planet - from different sources, different voices, in varying languages, and delightfully so, they are happening.

‘Iokepa and Inette, thank you for opening the space, the sacred space, for people to feel safe and honored and heard as these emotionally charged topics are brought into the light for discussion.  Not for dogmatic rhetoric and persuasive argument, but for conversations to be openly, equally shared among the people - and truly, the people of all nations.

The rift that has been created across the globe by humans preying on other humans for space, resources, power, self-glorification, and wealth by means of tearing people from their native lands - and then forbidding them to continue their sacred practices, ceremonies, or even daily tasks - has been the most detrimental chasm created by humans,  thrusting a knife into the side of the sacred balance that Mother Earth has held us in for millennia.

As you well know, the conversation you both present can just as well be brought up by the indigenous tribes of the Americas, the Africans who were ripped from their lands and thrown into slave ships as property, the Aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand, many peoples of the Asian lands, and, of course, the Jews.  Let us mention their astonishing achievement of being able to retain (in relatively high integrity and tact) their practices, traditions, and even the language.

We are the very divine creators we so desperately seek to reconnect with.  How many of us would even guess that our ultimate wealth is within ourselves? Perhaps, once we recognize each other as the divine spark we are - facets of the most brilliant gem ever to have existed - we will stop warring over which land belongs to whom, and will instead embrace each in an effort to unite the one divine flame which is all there truly is.

The work you are doing, the ideals you are sharing, are not new to me.  I am hearing your message loud and clear in different voices, different genders, from a variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds.  It is the message we need to hear and integrate into the fabric of our global community now:  Reuniting people to their lands and their cultures, their identities, while also coming into union as a human race; recognizing and honoring the differences, the beautiful, soul-stirring practices, rituals, and traditions of our diversity.

Indeed, the work you are doing is guided by the Ancestors and the hand of our Creator.  While you may find yourselves questioning your task, please know that it is absolutely the appropriate message, falling onto the exact ears that need to hear it, carry it away, and act on it in their communities as they see appropriate. It is the time.

We are on the rising wave of consciousness.  How beautiful and amazing is it to be alive in this time.  And you, Inette and ‘Iokepa, are among those on the ground level, clearing the old debris and setting up the strong foundations for the new human community.  What an honor to have made your acquaintances last evening, to be in the presence of souls who are in touch with their sacred calling and living it!  In that respect, by living in your sacredness, you open the space for me and for all who come into your circle, to do the very same.  Delicious, palpable, and very much an encouraging, glorious outlook for us all.  Don’t you agree?  And all because you both said, “Yes!”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Mahalo!

With fondness and in admiration, and, of course, with love,

Sonia Trepetin